Becoming the President is not just my success but the success of every poor person in India : President Draupadi Murmu

Took the oath as the 15th President of India

New Delhi – Draupadi Murmu took the oath as President on the 25th of July. President Ram Nath Kovind attended the swearing-in ceremony held in the ‘Central Hall’ of the Parliament. Other big leaders including Prime Minister Modi were also present for this ceremony. Chief Justice N.V. Ramana administered the presidential oath to Murmu.

On this occasion, President Draupadi Murmu addressed the Nation and said,

  1. I got this opportunity in the 75th year of Indian Independence. My political career started when the country was celebrating its 50th year of Independence and today on its 75th anniversary I am getting this new opportunity. I am privileged to have received this opportunity.
  2. I am the first President to be born after our country achieved its Independence. We will have to work hard and try to fulfil the expectations that our freedom fighters had from the citizens of independent India.
  3. I have received the opportunity to rise from a corporator to the President of the country. This is the greatness of India and the power of democracy. This is how a small girl born in a poor family managed to rise to the highest position in the country. Becoming President is not my personal achievement but the achievement of every poor person in India.

Let’s move forward and create a self-reliant India!

During the time of the Corona pandemic, India toiled hard to carry the whole world forward along with itself.

India is today progressing in every sector. India showed its strength during Corona and worked hard to carry the burden of the whole world along with itself. A few days ago we set a record of giving 200 crore doses. The patience and courage shown by India throughout this struggle symbolises its strength and sensitivity.

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