If 50% Hindus get awakened, then Muslims will become a history

An old video stating a Muslim Islamic scholar’s words going viral

Muslim Islamic scholar Syed Rizwan Ahamad

New Delhi – Conspiracy of Hindu-killing is being exposed since last few days. Many Muslim Islamic scholars are making anti-Hindu statements. Among these an old video clip of a Muslim Islamic scholar Syed Rizwan Ahamad is going viral. Syed has given a very bold reply to religious fanatics saying, ‘Mughals have ruled over Hindus for many centuries and can repeat the history now’. Syed said bluntly, ‘Now a hand full of Hindus have awakened. Just 30 to 35% Hindus have become alert and that too through Constitutional and democratic perspective. If Hindus get mad and 50% of them really come to their senses, then Muslims will not get place to live, they will become history.

Syed running ‘Face to face’ channel on YouTube is seen in that video saying,

  1. If Muslims are remembering, ‘Our ancestors ruled over Hindus for 800 years’ and if they feel proud about it, then they should remember that if Hindus remember all atrocities, injustice suffered by them during that period, then you will not find any place to hide in Hindustan. You and your children will be killed and you too will perish then.
  2. Fortunately Hindus do not remember all atrocities of the whole period of 800 years. Currently they are talking about only Mathura and Kashi. If they happen to remember the whole period of 800 years along with atrocities, then they will start talking about 30 thousand temples. If this really happens then no mosque will survive for us to offer namaz.
  3. Whatever you are doing in 2020, you are making Hindus remember 800 years; besides you are showing them the vicious poison within you.

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