Safdarjung Hospital denied admission to a pregnant woman in severe labour pains

Baby had to be delivered on the sidewalk

New Delhi – A woman in tremendous labour pain was not allowed to be admitted in the famous Safdarjung Hospital here and the woman was forced to deliver on the sidewalk. 30-year-old woman from Dadari, UP had come to Safdarjung Hospital. She had labour pains since night; hence she was immediately taken to the hospital. A video of this incident is going viral on media and people are criticising the hospital management for their inhuman act.

Central Health Ministry has asked the Safdarjung Hospital to submit a report of the whole incident.

Courtesy  News 24

Women Commission has sent a notice to the said Hospital and asked the hospital management to give answer.

Editorial perspective

Doctors responsible for this inhuman act must be taken to task and strict action must be taken against them.