Udaipur’s two Hindu traders given death threats, similar to that of Kanhaiya Lal, by religious fanatics 

Udaipur (Rajasthan) – Two more Hindu shopkeepers in this District have received death threats on the phone after the beheading of Kanhaiya Lal a few days ago. The first information about this states that the threat has come from Iran. After the threat, the Police have given both their shops security. The traders say that they have never supported Nupur Sharma.

These traders’ shops are in the same Dhanmandi where Kanhaiya Lal’s shop was located. Hiralal Dangi has been given the death threat while a person who has a haircutting saloon was also given the death threat on WhatsApp.

Three religious fanatics who were doing a recce about the trader Nitin Jain arrested

The trader Nitin Jain of Udaipur had also supported Nupur Sharma. He too has received the death threat. Some religious fanatics had done a recce of his shop. The Police have arrested Shahid Nawaj, Abdul Muttalib, and Gurfan Hussain.

Three religious fanatics arrested for threatening a trader in Surat

The Surat Police have arrested Muhamad Naim Atishbajiwala, Muhammad Rafiq Bhura, and Aliya Muhammad for giving a death threat to Vishal Patel a trader from Surat for supporting Nupur Sharma. While Munna Mallik, Shajad Cutpeicewala, and Fazan are absconding. Vishal Patel had apologised for supporting Nupur Sharma, still, he was getting death threats. So, he then complained to the Police.

Editorial viewpoint

From this it can be seen that as Rajasthan’s Congress Government appeases the Muslims the religious fanatics are on the loose to give these kinds of threats to Hindus.

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