A Muslim youth cheated a Hindu girl for 9 years, married her pretending to be a Hindu

Agra (UP) – Ikrar a Muslim youth told a Hindu girl that he was a Hindu and entrapped her into marriage. He cheated her for 9 years in this manner. Now after his lie was exposed a case has been registered against him. His brother’s, father’s, and brother-in-law’s names are also included in the case.  The accusations against them are cheating, assault, conspiracy, threatening, and hurting religious sentiments.

Ikrar had said that his name was Amit. And falsely told that he was a resident of Mathura. The girl and Ikrar have two children. He had tried to feed beef to his wife and children. He also tore the Hindu Holy book, Durga Saptashati, during Navratri. When some Muslim persons came into the home to circumcise their sons, it was exposed that he was a Muslim.

Editorial viewpoint

It is necessary that the Government enacts an independent law for these types of crimes and the punishment should be harsh like life imprisonment.

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