Muslim clerics should first explain what was incorrect with Nupur Sharma’s statement

Islamic Scholar Atiqur Rahman’s statement

(Left side) Nupur Sharma and Atiqur Rahman

Mumbai – “Nupur Sharma’s statement about Prophet Muhammad was not wrong. If anyone else feels otherwise, we kindly request such revered Muslim scholars to come forward and explain what was wrong in that statement.’ The above clear statement was made by Islamic Scholar Atiqur Rehman when speaking on the news channel ‘India News’. He also expressed sadness at the hate & threats being spread across social media regarding this issue. This news was published by the Web news portal ‘Opindia’. Vishva Hindu Parishad leader, Shri Vinod Bansal was also present in this discussion.

Please clarify what was wrong in Nupur Sharma’s statement! – Vinod Bansal, V.H.P

Vinod Bansal stated that he agreed with Atiqur Rahman’s statement. Appreciating the statement he also said ‘It is necessary to discuss the life and times of Prophet Muhammad because we can learn a lot from the life of Prophet Muhammad Paigambhar. Bharat is an open country where even the lives and times of Shriram and Shrikrushna are also discussed openly. People get motivated on learning about their lives. So why shouldn’t we learn from Prophet Muhammad as well ? Whatever Nupur Sharma has said was quoted from the Islamic texts and some of them were even mentioned by Islamic scholars. So I would like to ask Atiqur Rahman what was wrong with Nupur Sharma’s statement? What the fact in her statement incorrect ? Was the manner in which she spoke incorrect ? Or was the matter written in the Islamic texts incorrect? Then why are Islamists asking for her beheading?

Nupur Sharma can be forgiven! – Atiqur Rahman

To this, the Scholar Rahman said ‘I would like to say that, Nupur Sharma is not wrong. If any Islamic scholar or ordinary Muslim thinks she was wrong, then Islam is so all-encompassing that Sharma can be forgiven easily. But Islamic Scholars should first clarify what was wrong and where was she mistaken?

Atiqur Rahman further said that “Nupur can be invited to come for a debate and discuss whatever confusion or questions she had about Islam and the life of the Prophet but if one cannot answer her questions then that person should not participate in the debate. I invite criticism against Islam, and Prophet Muhammad, so I can get a chance to explain to the world what was his message and how was he chosen by Allah to spread his message in the world.”