Radical Islamist offers 2 crore to anyone who slits Nupur Sharma’s tongue

(Right side) Former BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma

Mewat (Haryana) – A radical Islamist in Mewat has declared that he will award Rs 2 crore to the one who slits former BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s tongue. In a viral video, an Islamist is seen talking to a journalist while making this provocative statement. He is seen shouting at the journalist asking, “Why don`t you slit her tongue, you journalist, I will give you Rs. 2 crore. Why don`t you take up this offer?” The Islamist`s name has not been identified yet and the Police are investigating the incident.

Editorial viewpoint

This is an example that the radical Islamists in India have no fear of the law. Those who disturb law and order in the country must be severely punished.

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