Six religious fanatics arrested in the murder case of a medical professional in Amravati

Murdered for supporting Nupur Sharma, revealed the Police investigation

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Amaravati –  On 21st June around 11 p.m, Umesh Kolhe, a medical professional was brutally murdered in front of New High School by stabbing his neck with a knife. Police have already arrested Atif Rashid Adil Rashid, Muddasir Ahmed alias Sonu Raja Sheikh Ibrahim, Shahrukh Pathan alias Badshah Hidayat Khan, Abdul Taufiq alias Nanu Sheikh Taslim, Shoheb Khan alias Buriya Sabir Khan. On 2nd July Police arrested Dr Yusuf Khan Bahadur Khan. Kolhe`s family had first suspected Dr Yusuf Khan Bahadur Khan of murder.

Umesh Kolhe was killed while returning home after closing his medical store. He was taken to the private hospital, however, he succumbed to the injuries while undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The Police have registered a murder case against the three accused

The motive behind the murder was supporting Nupur Sharma

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Amravati city) Vikram Sali said, “The motive behind the murder is for seeking revenge for the post made by him (Kolhe) in support of Nupur Sharma.

An ongoing investigation by local Police, NIA and ATS squads

Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is investigating the case said the ATS senior officer. They are investigating to see if this case has a connection with terrorism. The same case is being investigated by the local Police, National Investigation Agency (NIA) and ATS. (Why three agencies for one murder case ? Doesn`t Government trust one investigation agency ? Wouldn`t it be worth the time of these agencies to keep one investigation agency for the case and let the rest of the investigation agencies work on other cases? – Editor)

Editorial viewpoints  

  • Don`t be surprised if demands are made to cut the limbs off, of the religious fanatics involved in this murder case according to Shariya law or demands are made to punish them by tying them up in the square and throwing stones at them.
  • Please note that in such cases. the political parties like Congress, Communist Party, Samajwadi Party, BSP, etc., as well as the secularists, progressives and Islamic organisations, do not utter a word.
  • What is wrong if one thinks that Hindu Rashtra is needed to eradicate this arrogance of those who claim to be a minority and revolt against the lives of the majority?

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