The Supreme Court has crossed its limits ! 

  • Issue of Supreme Court admonishing petitioner Nupur Sharma  
  • 117 views registered by a group of former judges, bureaucrats, and army veterans  from all over the country
  • Allegation of crossing all rules of justice !  
(Right side) Nupur Sharma

New Delhi – The observations made by the Supreme Court with reference to Nupur Sharma are too serious to be overlooked. The Court has crossed its limits. The observations made by the Court are baseless jurisprudentially with the issue raised in the petition and are transgression in the dispensation of justice. The above views have been expressed by 15 high court judges, 77 ex-all India administrative services officers, and 25 army veterans.

Justice Pardiwala and Justice Surya Kant of the Supreme Court had commented a few days back against the so-called derogatory statement made by the then BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against Prophet Mohammad. The Court had said that Sharma was solely responsible for the Udaipur killing and violent agitations staged all over the country. Sharma has filed a petition in the Supreme Court for clubbing of FIRs filed against her all over the country, in Delhi, when the Court had admonished Sharma.

There wouldn’t be a more dangerous breach of rules in the history of the judiciary !

It has been further stated in the letter that the observations made by the Supreme Court are most unfortunate. These observations are not part of the original verdict and cannot be considered sacred under judicial propriety and impartiality. There would not be a more dangerous breach of rules in the history of the judiciary than in the present case.

The illogical claim of the Supreme Court !

The Court’s allegation against Nupur Sharma as her being solely responsible for whatever was happening in the country is illogical. It has been stated in the letter that through such a claim, the persons involved in the Udaipur killing seem to be exempted.

The essence and soul of the Indian Constitution have been impaled ! 

The observations made by the Court can have a serious impact on the democratic values and national security of this country; therefore, urgent rectification steps are called for. In these observations, there seems to be virtual exoneration of the dastardly beheading at Udaipur. People’s sentiments have been inflamed. These observations have impaled the essence of the Indian Constitution and its soul. Owing to such condemnable observations, instead of conducting a hearing of the case filed by the petitioner, she has been denied access to the judiciary on the points raised in the petition. It cannot be a part of the democratic system, says the letter.

All the accusations made against Nupur Sharma and cases filed in that context are for the same mistake. Under Article 20 (2) of the Indian Constitution, there cannot be more than one case and punishment for one crime. It is the fundamental right of every citizen, as stated in the letter.

Strong disapproval was expressed by even the ‘Human Rights and Social Justice Bench’ !

‘Human Rights and Social Justice Bench’, Jammu-Kashmir has expressed strong anguish over the observations of the Supreme Court. The observations made by the judges are ultra vires of the Constitution and should be withdrawn, demanded the Bench through its letter written to the Chief Justice N V Ramana.

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