Personal attack on Judges improper : Justice JB Pardiwala

Issue of holding Nupur Sharma responsible for the incident in Udaipur

(Left side) Justice Suryakant and (right side) Justice Pardiwala                                                              (Image credit :

New Delhi – Any criticism with regard to any judgement by Supreme Court can be acceptable, but personal attacks on judges is absolutely inappropriate, it should never happen, stated Justice JB Padiwala, the Judge of the Supreme Court. During the hearing of the petition filed by Nupur Sharma, Justice Pardiwala and Justice Suryakant held Nupur Sharma responsible for the incident (Kanhayalal’s murder). Hence, both the judges are being criticised through social media. Justice Pardiwala was reacting to it. He asked the Centre to pass a law to regulate social media. Justice Pardiwala was addressing the gathering in a programme organised to commemorate Khanna.

Justice Pardiwala said,

1. Judiciary is harmed due to such personal attacks on judges and it is losing its prestige/honour.

2. Courts have always accepted the disagreeing and constructive criticism pertaining to verdicts; but they have stopped any personal attacks on judges.

3. Many times in India, use of social media is completely unconstitutional and is used for political reasons.

4. People with knowledge of half the truth and partial information, nor conversant with law, evidence and court proceedings have become more influential.

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