Iceland is the most peaceful Country in the World, while Afghanistan is the least peaceful Country

  • Annual Report of Global Peace Index – 2022
  • India ranks 135th
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New Delhi – According to the Global Peace Index 2022, Iceland is the most peaceful Country in the world, while Afghanistan is the least peaceful Country. India ranks 135th in terms of peace in this index. Last year, it was ranked 138th.

1. Since 2008, Iceland has been at the forefront of peace for the last 15 years in this peace index. New Zealand is in second place this year. Ireland is third and Denmark is fourth. Among the least peaceful Countries, Yemen is second and Syria is third. In particular, Russia is ranked fourth.

2. Europe is the most peaceful region in the World. Eight European Countries are in the top 10 places.

Methodology of ranking :

The Institute for Economics and Peace validates the World Peace Index. They are numbered according to the level of peace in the Country and the region. They are evaluated by 23 different criteria such as internal and international conflicts, security, social security, military etc.

Editorial viewpoint

This shows just how much unrest there is in India. India is a secular country and the homeland of Mahatma Gandhi, but there is still unrest. India needs to become Dharma-based to become a peaceful country. The people of such a Country will abide by Dharma in daily life and this will bring peace.

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