Demand for ban on film on Prophet’s daughter Fatima in Britain

The British Government rejects the plea

London – The movie The Lady of Heaven released in Britain has caused controversy. The film is being banned by Muslims, who are accusing the movie is insulting Islam. The Government has refused to impose the ban. Protesters include Qari Mohammed Asim, an adviser to the British government and the chief imam of the Mecca mosque in Leeds. He has been removed from his advisory post following his opposition.

1. The film tells the story of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet. Opposing it, Muslims say that making a film about the Prophet or anyone in his family hurts our religious feelings. We can’t stand it.

2. The film’s producer and director Malik Shlibak has been receiving death threats on social media, I will not be intimidated by such threats, he said. The co-producer of this film is Maulvi Yasser al-Habib. They are Shia Muslims.

3. Director Malik Shlibak told a news channel that the film is about the life of Fatima and her struggle. I think Fatima is the best person in our history. We can learn from her how to fight against bigots, corrupt people etc. That’s why we felt it was important to bring her story to light.

Editorial viewpoint

Had such a demand been made in India, the pro-Muslim Government of some States would have taken note of it and banned such films. Such secular Governments should learn from Britain.

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