Kerala High Court Judges’ innerwear is saffron

Kerala Popular Front (PFI) leader Yahiya Tangal’s derogatory remark about the judiciary

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Courts are getting shocked easily now. High court judges are getting shocked after hearing the slogans of our Alappuzha rally. Do you know the reason? The reason is that their innerwear is saffron. Since it’s saffron, they will get heated very fast, such objectionable comments were made by Kerala Popular Front (PFI) leader Yahiya Tangal. Kerala High Court has directed the Police to take appropriate action against the Popular Front of India in connection with alleged provocative sloganeering in the rally held in Alappuzha. Tangal commented after this order.

At the Alanppuzha rally, a Muslim boy gave provocative slogans against the Hindus. The person who instructed the boy on what to say and the boy’s father both were arrested.

Editorial viewpoint

This is the result of not banning the PFI.

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