All the mosques in the country should be surveyed : BJP MLA

Remains of a temple found at Juma Masjid in Mangaluru

(Right side) BJP MLA Bharat Shetty and (left side) Remains of a Hindu temple-like structure found during the renovation of Malali Jumma Masjid

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – Every mosque in the country should be surveyed as most of the mosques are built on Hindu temples. BJP MLA Bharat Shetty said we have nothing to hide, but it’s not appropriate that every time Muslims hide behind the Places of Worship Act, 1991.

Police have imposed a curfew till 26th May in the vicinity of Malali Juma Masjid. At the time of renovation of this mosque, on 21st April, a Hindu temple-like structure was found there.

After that, Hindus demanded permission to worship here and protect the mosque, so the local court stopped the renovation work of the mosque. The BJP has demanded a survey of the mosque by the Archaeology Department. Against this backdrop, MLA Shetty was speaking. Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal performed pooja at Shri Ramanjaneya Bhajan Mandir on 25th May. State Home Minister Arga Gyanendra said that the District Administration has taken the required security measures.

Congress leader D.K. Shivkumar said that BJP is tarnishing the name of Karnataka. While Mangaluru is a good place for financial investment, such disputes are affecting the industry.

Editorial Viewpoint

The BJP MLA has made such a demand. Since their party is in power at the Centre, it is necessary to make efforts to order a survey of every mosque in India.

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