Replace the statue of Lady Justice in Indian Courts with a statue of Bhagavan Chitragupta

A written demand made by Sanyukta Adhivakta Mahasangh from Uttar Pradesh with the PM

The statue of the Lady of Justice is non-Indian

Sonbhadra (UP) – There is a statue of Lady Justice carrying a pair of scales and wearing a blindfold over her eyes in all the Courts in India. This statue is of Dike, daughter of Greek Goddess Themis. This statue should be replaced with a statue of Bhagavan Chitragupta, demanded Rakesh Sharan Mishra, the regional President of Sanyukta Adhivakta Mahasangh of Uttar Pradesh in a letter written to Prime Minister Modi.  A copy of this letter has also been forwarded to the President, Vice-President, Chief Justice, etc.

It has been stated in the letter that Dike has no connection with Indian culture. This statue reminds us of being the slaves of the British. As per Hindu Dharma and science, Bhagavan Chitragupta is the Supreme Judge; therefore, the statue of Dike should be replaced with that of Bhagavan Chitragupta.

Editorial viewpoint

Why does one have to make such a demand ? The Government should think about these things and install a statue of Bhagavan Chitragupta.


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