It is a challenge to maintain people’s faith in judicial system : Chief Justice

Chief Justice N V Ramana

New Delhi – I have been presenting many issues from time to time that has been affecting the judicial system of this country. Presently, it is a challenge before all systems, including the judicial system, to maintain the faith of the people, stated the Chief Justice N V Ramana while inaugurating the new building of the Court in Tamil Nadu and laying the foundation stone of a new administrative building of Madras High Court.

The Chief Justice said further,

1. The Chief Justice spoke about the perils of quick justice, as being demanded these days by the public.

2. We also give importance to seeing that justice is all-inclusive and removing the obstacles of language in the judicial process.

3. Keeping law and order, and also keeping control over all extremities committed by various systems and cabinets of Ministers is a big Constitutional challenge before the judicial system.

4. The judiciary is vested with the immense Constitutional responsibility of maintaining rule of law and checking executive and legislative access. It has the duty of upholding and enforcing Constitutional values. It is no doubt a heavy burden but it is something that we have gladly chosen on the day we took our Constitutional oath. This is the reason why strengthening the judicial system has been my top priority.

5. Doing justice is not just a Constitutional duty, but it is also social duty.

6. The parties concerned have a right to know the judicial proceedings and the developments in their case and in the language they understand. The proceedings should not be like reciting a sacred marriage mantra that most of us don’t understand.

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