Running out of patience now – Union Minister Giriraj Singh

Cases of recent attacks on religious processions of Hindus

Katihar (Bihar) – Recent attacks on Shriramnavami processions have come as a tight slap to claimants of ‘Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb’ (a separate culture of Hindus and Muslims emerged during the Mughal period when the Muslim population along the Yamuna and Ganga rivers increased).

In the post-independence period, a large number of new mosques were built in this country. No one opposed it. The Muslim population multiplied. At the same time, Hindu temples were demolished in Pakistan. Now the Hindus there are on the verge of extinction. As a result, we are running out of patience, said Union Minister Giriraj Singh. He was talking about the recent attacks on processions on the occasion of Shriramnavami and Hanuman Jayanti.

Giriraj Singh further said that now, where will the processions of Shriramnavami be held, in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan ? If such attacks had taken place on processions of any other religion, leaders like Rahul Gandhi himself would have staged protests on street.

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