Religious fanatics attack Shriram Navami’s processions in five States !

One Hindu killed, several injured including Superintendent of Police !

Madhya Pradesh Administration demolishes houses of religious fanatics involved in violence in the State !

Editorial comment

For many years, a daredevilry to attack Hindu religious processions has been taking place in the Hindu-majority country. In order to change this situation, Hindus must now make a lawful collective effort with immediate effect. A situation should be created where religious fanatics will not dare to attack Hindus’ processions !

(Credit : Hindu Post)

New Delhi – Incidents of attacks on Shriram Navami processions in Muslim-majority areas took place in the States of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. One Hindu was killed in an attack by religious fanatics in Gujarat.

Attacks in Anand and Sabarkantha Districts of Gujarat

Stones were pelted at the Shriram Navami procession passing through the Muslim-majority area of ​​Himmatnagar in Gujarat’s Sabarkantha District. Police fired tear gas to bring the situation under control. Religious fanatics also damaged Police vehicles during the riots.

Stones were pelted at the Shriram Navami procession in the Muslim-majority area of ​​Shakarpur in the Khambhat area of Anand District. Religious fanatics then set fire to shops, houses, and vehicles. The attendees in the procession hurled stones at religious fanatics in response. The Police then fired tear gas. Many people were injured in the violence. A 65-year-old Hindu man has died in this clash.

Violence in Howrah and Bankura in Bengal

Vishva Hindu Parishad had organised a procession near BE College in Howrah District on the occasion of Shriram Navami. The procession was suddenly attacked as it passed through a Muslim-majority area. At that time, the Police beat up Hindus instead. Some people were injured in this scuffle. Responding to the matter, BJP MLA Shubhendu Adhikari tweeted, ‘Is the observance of Sanatan Dharma forbidden in the State ?’

The procession was led by the Union Minister of State Subhash Sarkar at Bankura. Stones were pelted at it from the mosque. 17 people have been arrested in this case. Police said that Hindus were told to take a different route as there was a mosque along the procession route; however, they did not listen to the Police and when the procession passed on the way of the mosque, stones were pelted at it. This led to a lathi charge. (India is a secular country and everyone here is preached about interfaith harmony, so what is wrong if Hindu processions pass in front of mosques ? And if there is a premeditated attack on the procession, then the Police should have taken action against them in advance and taught them secularism ! – Editor)

Arson in Jharkhand

Violence and arson erupted during a fair on the border of Hirhi-Hendlaso-Kujra villages in Lohardaga in Jharkhand State. A procession was carried out in this village on the occasion of Shriram Navami. The arson attack took place after the stones were pelted at it. 10 bikes and a pickup van were set on fire. Four persons were injured in the incident. Stones were also pelted at the procession in the Bermo area of ​​Bokaro.

Violence at Badwani and Khargone in Madhya Pradesh

Stones were pelted at the procession at Sendhwa in Madhya Pradesh’s Badwani District. A Police officer and 20 others were injured in this incident. The religious fanatics torched some vehicles at that time. 3 temples were vandalised as well. Following the incident, curfew was clamped in the entire Khargone city.

In Khargone, a Muslim-majority area in the State, religious fanatics pelted stones at a procession and attacked it with petrol bombs, injuring Superintendent of Police Siddharth Chaudhary and a Police Inspector. Four others were also injured. Hindus also tried to respond to stone-pelting. After this, stone-pelting incidents took place at 3 other places in the city. The incidents took place in Talab Chowk, Goshala Marg, and Motipura areas. Large numbers of Police personnel are now deployed in the area. There is now a large Police presence here. The procession was accompanied by a DJ. In Muslim-majority areas, religious fanatics asked to stop playing DJs and pelted stones. Police fired tear gas to control the situation. Currently, curfews have been imposed in some of these areas.

Commenting on the incident, local MLA Rameshwar Sharma said, ‘Every single stone hurled will be reckoned by those who dared to do so in the BJP-ruled State’. Compensation will be recovered from the rioters.

Strict action will be taken against rioters ! – Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had called a meeting to discuss the riots. He later told reporters that violence would not be tolerated. He said, ‘Not only will the culprits be arrested and imprisoned, but the costs for damaging public and private properties will be recovered from them. Strict action will be taken against the rioters’.

Homes of religious fanatics bulldozed in Khargone !

In Khargone, the administration bulldozed the houses of stone-pelters who pelted stones at a procession passing through a Muslim-majority area. A total of 77 people have been arrested so far.

Police shut down speakers placed in front of a mosque in Bharatpur, Rajasthan !

On the day of Ram Navami, speakers were installed in some places of Bharatpur by Hindus. Bhajans were played on the loudspeaker in front of the Jama Masjid. Due to the dispute that followed, the loudspeaker was turned off by the Police.