In the house of Allah, you will find many fairies in heaven : Murtaza, Chemical Engineer from IIT

Gorakhnath temple attack accused Murtaza, connected with overseas Islamic organisations

Editorial Comment

This fanaticism proves that even after being highly educated in India’s second-best engineering institution, the jihadi mentality of religious fanatics does not wane and religion is foremost to them. Why the Congress, the progressives, etc., who are accustomed to implementing the recommendations of the Sachar Commission to appease Muslims, are silent now ?

Lucknow (UP) – A thorough interrogation of Murtaza, who attacked Gorakhnath temple in Gorakhpur, is underway. He has been in contact with ISIS and many Islamic organisations abroad. During the interrogation, he told the Police, ‘There will be many fairies in Allah’s house. Why is a wife needed there ? If you want to go to Allah’s house, you have to leave everything’.

Murtaza, who studied Chemical Engineering at a world-renowned college like IIT Mumbai, left his job at a multinational company and came to Gorakhpur. He locked himself up in a room to avoid contact with his family and society. He said that listen to Allah only, live in the house of Allah and follow the path of Allah, then you will surely attain heaven.

NIA will interrogate

To save Murtaza, his father, the well-known Dr KA Abbasi is trying to prove him to be mentally ill, but the anti-terrorism squad suspects him to be extremely cunning. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) will now interrogate Murtaza.

Murtaza was sending money to Islamic organisation

Details of Murtaza’s bank transactions have come to light. Security forces have seized some of Murtaza’s suspicious credit card transactions of last June. Murtaza was sending money to many Islamic organisations abroad through Pay Pal. In the last 4-5 months, he deposited thousands of rupees in the account of a person named Shamiullah. It has also become evident that he is in contact with an individual in Syria. He has often vowed to carry out jihadi activities.

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