Cow smugglers arrested after a 22 km chase in Gurugram, Haryana

During the chase, 7 cows were thrown out of the speeding truck by the cow smugglers

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Hindus feel that Haryana’s BJP Government should make an effort to ensure severe punishment to these inhumane and heartless cow smugglers.

Gurugram (Haryana) – Three cow smugglers were arrested after a 22 km chase of the truck carrying the cows by Gau Rakshaks and the Police. During this chase, the cow smugglers threw out 7 cows from the speeding truck. The Police fired and punctured their truck tires. They kept on speeding even when a tire got unscrewed and fell off.

Yahya, Ballu, Tasleem, Khalid, and Sahid are the names of the 5 arrested cow smugglers. Mohan, a Bajrang Dal activist informed the Police that cows were to be smuggled by truck.

Disclaimer : The video may contain disturbing scenes and images.

( Credit : Zee News )

Accordingly, the Police created check-posts. When that particular truck came to the post the Police asked it to stop, but the truck driver sped away. Then the Police and the Gau Rakshaks gave the chase. The cow smugglers tried to jump out of the speeding truck.

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