Hindu Professor at Aligarh Muslim University denigrates Hindu Deities

University suspends the Professor

Editorial comments

  • Hindus are the real enemies of Hindu Dharma !
  • If a Hindu Professor is disrespecting Hindu Deities in an Islamic University, will other religions ever respect Hindu Dharma ?
  • Such incidents are seen due to the lack of Dharma education in Hindus. Hindus, however, remain silent, which is disgraceful to Hindus !

Lucknow (UP) – Dr Jitendra Kumar, Assistant Professor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was suspended from service for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. While addressing medical students of the Forensic Medicine Department, Dr Kumar made derogatory remarks about Hindu Deities by quoting Puran references. Head of Public Relations Shafi Kidwai at the AMU said that Dr Kumar has been asked to submit his reply within 24 hours. AMU Vice-Chancellor Tariq Mansoor also condemned the incident. Dr Kumar has unconditionally apologised as per the AMU statement.

Kidwai told that a girl student posted a screenshot of Dr Kumar’s lecture slide on social media and accused Dr Kumar of making a derogatory parody of Hindu Deities during his lecture. AMU has taken serious note of the incident and further action will be taken soon after the suspension. Police have registered a case against Dr Jitendra Kumar.

Offensive statements made by Dr Kumar against Hindu Deities !

‘Deity Brahma had raped his daughter. Indra disguised as Sage Gautam and raped his wife. Lord Vishnu raped the wife of King Jalandhar ! ‘

(Hindu Professors make such statements due to a lack of education on Dharma.  If such a statement had been made at Aligarh Muslim University regarding Islam, he would not be suspended by the University but sent home. In addition, a fatwa would have been issued against the Professor. The life of a disrespectful Professor could have been endangered by the religious fanatic students of the University. – Editor)

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