No re-examination for girl-students boycotting exams in support of ‘hijab’ : Karnataka Govt

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Muslim girls are refusing to attend school without hijab despite Karnataka High Court’s decision; therefore, the State Government has taken a firm stand on the issue and decided that no re-examination would be conducted for the students who had staged demonstrations in support of hijab, by boycotting exams. There are 30 marks assigned for practical exams and 70 marks for written exams held by Karnataka Education Board. The students, who boycotted the practical exams, will directly lose 30 marks.

Karnataka’s Education Minister B. C. Nagesh explained the State Government’s stand in the matter. He said that it wasn’t possible to think about conducting a re-examination. If students boycott exams to protest against a ban on hijab despite High Court’s interim orders, the other students would ask for conducting re-examination on some other pretext. It was, therefore, not possible to conduct a re-examination, but students of the 8th, 9th and 11th standard could be given another opportunity to write exams at the school level.