Attempt to restrict Muslim women from leaving home has been unsuccessful ! : Arif Mohammad Khan, Kerala Governor

Karnataka High Court’s hijab ban decision

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Attempt to restrict Muslim women within four walls of the home has been foiled due to Karnataka High Court’s decision in case of the ban on the hijab, said Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan while speaking to the media. Governor Khan had earlier commented on the row related to hijab that hijab was not a compulsory custom under Islam.

Governor Khan said further that he was not expressing his satisfaction over the above decision because he felt that Muslim women were capable of carrying on their family responsibilities along with the responsibility of nation-building like their other sisters. He hoped that they would continue to do whatever good work they have been doing.

Muslim organisations reject Karnataka High Court’s decision !

Editorial comment

Had the Court’s decision been given in favour of Muslims, they would have taken the Karnataka Government to the task; but by rejecting Court’s decision given after studying the facts, these Muslim organisations are insulting India’s Constitution. Why are the so-called secularists and pro gressives not saying anything on the subject ?

P.M.A. Salam, the General Secretary of the Muslim League said that people having faith in law and order were unhappy due to such a decision, and they would lose faith even in the Courts.

Kerala Muslim Jamaat Secretary Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari said, saying hijab is not an essential practice in Islam is incorrect. (If such a statement is incorrect, then Bukhari should present evidence in the Court. Doesn’t Bukhari know that the Court gave its verdict based on the factual information ? – Editor.)

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