Russia gained control over Kherson

Kharkiv (Ukraine) – Russian Army has gained control over Kherson in southern Ukraine after the invasion, but the local officials have not yet confirmed it.

Russia attacked the hospital in Kharkiv

Russian Air-force soldiers have attacked a hospital in Kharkiv. Ukraine Army said the fighting is continuing there.

After Volvo, Mercedes, production and sale in Russia suspended by Harley Davidson

To corner Russia financially, after Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Daimler truck, Harley Davidson has suspended the production and sale. They have taken this decision following the invasion of Ukraine. In the very beginning, ‘Volvo’ stopped all the transactions in Russia. Volvo Company was exporting their cars from Sweden, China and US to Russia. Volvo had sold around 9,000 cars in Russia last year.