Indian Embassy in Kuwait slams Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for retweeting an anti-India tweet of a Pakistani national !

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Editorial comment

Such Congress leaders who are defaming India at the international level should be prosecuted and action should be taken against them !

Kuwait City (Kuwait) – Congress MP Shashi Tharoor was slammed by the Indian embassy here for retweeting an anti-India tweet by a Pakistani national.

1. The Pakistani had tweeted, ‘A group of powerful Kuwaiti parliamentarians have demanded the govt. of Kuwait to put an immediate ban on the entry of any member of the ruling BJP of India into Kuwait. We can’t sit back and watch muslim girls being publicly persecuted they said(sic)’. (Why is there no talk of atrocities against Hindus in Islamic countries, especially in Pakistan ? – Editor)

2. Tharoor retweeted the tweet, saying, ‘Domestic actions have international repercussions. It is difficult to befriend others when I hear from friends across the Gulf of their dismay at rising Islamophobia in India and PM’s unwillingness to condemn it’.

3. The Indian embassy said, ‘Sad to see a Hon’ble Member of Indian Parliament retweeting an anti-India tweet by a Pakistani who was a recipient of a Pakistani Award ‘Ambassador of Peace’ for his anti-India activities. We should not encourage such anti-India elements’.