Hijab turns women into sex objects : Taslima Nasreen

Editorial Comment

 A Bangladeshi Muslim writer feels and openly says it, but why are the so-called progressive women in India silent over it ? Had a Hindu made such a statement, they would immediately have snarled a piece of advice at Hindus.

New Delhi – The hijab turns women into sex objects. An educational institution in a secular country has every right to make secular uniform code compulsory for its students. It is not wrong if such institutions ask you to keep your religious identity at home. There can be no room for religious bigotry and superstition in schools. Schools should teach individual freedom, gender equality, liberalism, humanism and scientific temper, said Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen in an interview with an English news portal.

Taslima Nasreen further said hijab, burqa and niqab have only one purpose, to transform a woman into a commodity. Although some misogynists in the 7th century felt, women need to hide from men, who get sexually aroused when they see women, the practice is very abusive and should stop as soon as possible.

Do laws made in the 7th century need to be obeyed in the 21st century ? – Nasreen

The question is not whether hijab and Islam are related to each other or not. We have to understand that hijab or burqa is never a woman’s choice. It cannot be an integral part of her identity.

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