765 thinkers show support for the hijab by writing open letters !

Editorial comment

Why didn’t these thinkers want to write an open letter about the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir, the opposition to their rehabilitation by jihadis, and the attacks on Hindus by religious fanatics in different parts of the country ?

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – An open letter has been written by 765 people including advocates, law students, academicians, and social activists on the ongoing Hijab Issue in Karnataka. The letter claims that preventing Muslims from wearing the hijab is a violation of their constitutional rights.

(Do those who care about the so-called constitutional rights of Muslims ever talk about the constitutional rights of Hindus ? – Editor) The letter further reads, ‘We are ashamed by the administration’s order to prevent Muslim students and staff from wearing hijab in schools and colleges’. (Hindus, persecuted by religious fanatics, might think, ‘How are these thinkers not ashamed to say such a thing ?’ – Editor)

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