Choose between Prime Minister Modi and the Sikhs : Sikhs for Justice threatens

  • Threat to retired Judge Indu Malhotra, Chairperson of the Committee to investigate the PM Modi’s security lapse
  • Other Supreme Court advocates also received threatening phone calls from Sikhs for Justice
  • According to the Information received, the threats are from Sikhs for Justice

Editorial Comment

  • This shows that the failure to exterminate the Khalistani terrorist organisations is only increasing their audacity. The Central Government must take extreme steps to stop them.

New Delhi – Retired Judge Indu Malhotra, who is heading the committee to probe into the breach of PM Modi’s security in Punjab, has been asked to choose between PM Modi and the Sikhs. In the recorded telephonic message the caller had threatened the Supreme Court Judge to refrain from hearing the petition on the breach of PM Modi’s security. According to media reports, the threat was made by a Sikh militant group, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ). This organisation has sent such threatening audio clips to other Apex Court Judges also.

  1. According to a press release, the audiotape also said, we are compiling a list of all the advocates in the Supreme Court and all of them will be accounted for. The issue was between Prime Minister Modi and the Sikhs, but you (Indu Malhotra) blame SFJ and put yourself in trouble by filing a complaint against (Sikhs for Justice). We will now hold the anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh advocates of the Supreme Court accountable.
  2. The advocates of the Supreme Court claim that they also had received such telephonic threats on 10th January. It threatened not to raise the issue of Prime Minister Modi’s security lapse in the Supreme Court and not to assist in the hearing.