China builds villages on the lands of Bhutan !

New conspiracy of China to use the land of Bhutan for military activities

Editorial comment

China plans to pressurise India by doing illegal constructions in Bhutan, and later deploy its Army ! To knock down this plan, India should adopt an aggressive policy !

New Delhi – China is building villages on the lands of Bhutan. The news says that these villages are for soldiers and for the public to stay. This illegal construction by China is taking place 30 km away from the borders of India, China and Bhutan. This came to light because of the satellite photos taken by Indian security agencies. In 2017, there was a battle for about 70 days between the armies of India and China at Doklam. After that, the Doklam plateau became famous. Due to the tough competition given by the Indian Army, China had to back away.

1. In 2017, China had started building basic facilities for their Army in Doklam. India had objected to it.

2. India had taken a stand that ‘this land is under dispute and hence, China cannot undertake the work of constructing roads here.’ A conflict arose on this matter between both countries.

3. Even before, Bhutan has also objected to the infiltration of China in the country.