Land belonging to Jagannath Temple at Puri can be sold by Government officials !

Odisha Government approves to amend the law

Editorial comments

  • If a Government official is corrupt, he might use the wrong ways and sell the Temple land and make money ! Devotees must legitimately oppose such a law !
  • It is unrighteous for an unqualified person to conduct business related to the temple. Devotees of the deity are certainly more qualified to manage and conduct the affairs of the temple than the Government authorities. Hindus should take note of this and put forward a vigorous and legitimate fight for the abolition of the rule of Government taking control of Temples.
  • Will the Odisha Government ever dare to apply such a law to sell Waqf Board land ?

Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) – The Cabinet of the Biju Janata Dal Government in Odisha has approved the proposal to amend the ‘Shri Jagannath Temple Act, 1954’ at Puri. This gives Government officials the right to sell or lease land and other immovable property under the Shri Jagannath Mandir operation Committee. Earlier, for such decisions, it was mandatory to get the permission of the State Government. Chief Secretary Suresh Kumar Mohapatra informed about this.

Now, the Executive president, chief administrator, temple administrator, chief administrator, etc authorities can make any decisions about selling or leasing a temple-related property.

Odisha Government will establish ‘Shri Mandir Gurukul’

After the meeting of Puri Jagannath Temple Management Committee, Chief Administrator of the temple Krishna Kumar said that ‘Shri Mandir Gurukul’ will be established. This Gurukul will be on 17 acres of land. Odisha Government is funding this Gurukul. ‘Shri Mandir Adarsh Gurukul Society’ will be formed, and it will run this Gurukul.

Free homes will be provided to those offering service to the Shri Jagannath Temple. 8-acre land has been identified for this. All this will be funded by the Odisha Government.