Bags of cow beef found hung on the doors of three Hindu temples in Bangladesh by unknown miscreants

Editorial comments

  • What a miserable condition of minority Hindus in an Islamic nation ! Do any incidents of the religious sentiments being hurt by the majority occur in India ? Still, Hindus are labelled as Talibanis, whereas the Talibans in Afghanistan are supported !
  • The Government of all parties has not done anything for the well-being of Hindus in the neighbouring Islamic countries ! Hence, Hindus are facing enormous torture ! These problems will end only if India is declared Hindu Rashtra.

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – In Gendukuru city of Hatibandha District, Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh, bags of raw cow beef were found hung on the doors of three Hindu temples and the door of the residence of a Hindu individual. Four complaints have been filed in the Hatibandha Police station. The Hindus gathered together in Shri Shri Radha Govind temple to protest against this. The Hindus have announced that this incident has hurt our religious sentiments and we will agitate till the culprits are arrested. ‘The Saily Star’ newspaper in Bangladesh has published this news.

Dilip Kumar Singh, the President of the Hatibandha Upazila Puja Udjapan, said that the bags of raw beef were found hung on the doors of Gendukuru para Shri Shri Radha Govind temple, Gendukuru Kuthipara Shri Mahakali temple, Gendukuru Battala Shri Mahakali temple and the residence of Monindranath Barman. The Police have assured that the culprits will be arrested.

Irshadul Alam, the Police officer-in-charge has said that they are investigating the matter and action will be taken on the culprits soon.

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