Sweets exchanged by soldiers of India-Pakistan on the borders, after a gap of 3 years, on the occasion of Diwali !  

The tradition was stopped after the Pulwama attack !

Editorial comments

  • What has Pakistan done that India started this tradition again ? Pakistan and its sponsored terrorists are constantly attacking Kashmir, then what purpose would it serve to exchange sweets with Pakistan ?
  • Isn’t it like feeding milk to a snake ?   
Soldiers of both the countries exchanged sweets

New Delhi – After a gap of three years, Indian soldiers and their Pakistani counterparts exchanged sweets on the India-Pakistan border. Sweets were also distributed on the borders of Jammu-Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc. This tradition was followed every year earlier, but it was discontinued after the terrorist attack in Pulwama in Kashmir.

On the India-Pakistan border along with the Barmer District of Rajasthan also, sweets were exchanged between soldiers of the Indian Border Security Force and Pakistani soldiers. Soldiers of India and Pakistan shared sweets at the famous Atari-Wagah border at Amritsar in Punjab. Even on the borders of Jammu-Kashmir, at Kupwara, sweets were exchanged by the soldiers of both countries.


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