Out of 37 public places designated to offer Namaz, permission to 8 prayer sites was rescinded after the protest by Hindus in Gurugram, Haryana

Will allot other places to Muslims

Editorial Comment

The question is how the Administration permitted without taking the permission of the Hindus and without seeing the public’s convenience. Action should be taken against those responsible for it.

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Gurugram (Haryana) – Administration has withdrawn the permission given to Muslims to offer Namaz in 8 public places out of the 37 earmarked sites. This decision was taken after the protest of Hindus. ‘A decision will soon be taken regarding the offering of Namaz in other places also’, said the Administration. A committee has been set up to find alternative places for these sites. Representatives of Hindu and Muslim religions are included in this committee. This committee will ensure that Namaz is not offered on the roads.  It will also check that the citizens do not have any kind of objection to the earmarked places.

The Hindu IT cell has for the first time opposed to the offering of Namaz in public places. This is a victory for Hindus, said the organisation. (Congratulations to the ‘Hindu IT’ cell. This fight is not yet over. Therefore, Hindus should continue the fight till the illegal offering of Namaz in public places are stopped – Editor)