After JNU, Communists start ‘Marks jihad’ to have control over Delhi University !

A serious accusation by Prof. Rakesh Kumar Pandeya

(‘Marks jihad’ means giving more marks to students with communist and jihad ideology; get them admitted to renowned universities for higher education and pollute the education’s atmosphere through these students)

Students from Kerala are easily getting admission to Delhi University !

Editorial comments

  • The Central Government should conduct an inquiry into this matter and bring forth the truth !
  • It is likely that like JNU, slogans will be raised even in Delhi University as ‘Bharat tere tukade honge…’ !
  • Communists and jihadi ideology are working to destroy India; therefore, there should be a curb over them before they manage to gain a strong foothold in Delhi University. The patriotic citizens should, therefore, lawfully start agitations.
  • What steps the Central Government is going to take to free Indian universities from communists’ hold ? Had the Government taken strict action, the ‘Marks Jihad’ would not have existed.

New Delhi – Students of Kerala State Higher Secondary Education Board (KSHSEB) are getting priority in the admission process started at Delhi University. Rakesh Kumar Pandeya, a professor of Physics at Kirori Mal College that comes under the aegis of Delhi University and the former President of ‘Rashtriya Janataantrik Shikshak Morcha’ has referred to this whole process as ‘Marks jihad’. Pandeya has raised many questions through a Facebook post.

As per the information with Pandeya, the followers of communist and jihadi ideology have been arranging admissions for students from Kerala in Delhi University under a conspiracy. Owing to the liberal policies of KSHSEB (i.e. freely giving marks to the students while examining the answer-papers), many students from Kerala manage to get 100% marks in the 12th standard. They are, therefore, found eligible for admission as per Delhi University’s criteria for students from other States and they get admission in Delhi University. As a result, the way communists have a hold over Jawaharlal Nehru University, they will have hold even over Delhi University, is the concern expressed by Mr Pandeya.

Pandeya has stated in his post of 5th October on Facebook –

The unusual increase in the marks secured by the students and applications received from KSHSEB for admission to Delhi University is a well-planned conspiracy.

One college under the aegis of Delhi University, which had 20 seats for a course, had to give admission to 26 students because all those students had secured 100% marks with KSHSEB. This ploy of admitting a maximum number of communist activists in Delhi University has been going on for the last few years.

The majority of students with jihadi and communist ideology will destroy Delhi University. With the entry of communist students, the venomous ideology will be spread; they will give the call for strikes again and again and violence will increase in the area.

The issue of a large number of students from KSHSEB getting admission to Delhi University has been analysed on the website of ‘TFI Post’ news. Under the unreserved category, 95% of students are from KSHSEB out of 206 seats.

A report by ‘TFI’ expresses doubt over students from Kerala securing 95% seats among 28 States and 8 union territories which means that either the education system is very good in Kerala or there is something fishy.

ABVP objects to Delhi University’s admission process

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has raised objections over the admission process of Delhi University and demanded that a logical coherent process should be devised for giving marks.

Communists and Congress from Kerala criticise Prof. Pandeya !

Kerala’s Human Resources Development Minister V Sivankutty and communists’ students’ organisations have demanded action against the claim of ‘Marks jihad’ made by Prof. Pandeya. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has stated that the accusations levelled by Prof Pandeya are ridiculous. (Nothing is surprising about the communists and Congressmen refuting charges levelled by Prof. Pandeya, but these accusations are serious and prima facie logical; therefore, investigations need to be carried out in this matter. – Editor)