Population of religious fanatics doubles in Districts bordering Nepal !

  • This is a conspiracy to divide India by disturbing the racial balance.
  • In Uttar Pradesh alone, 400 madarasas and mosques have cropped up in the past 2 years along the Nepal border.
  • A belt of religious fanatics is being formed from Bangladesh to Pakistan.
Editorial comments

  • For the last several years, there has been a concentrated effort to re-partition India. Hence, siding with the Bangladeshi intruders and the Rohingyas, the anti-national forces opposed the Population Control Bill
  • The situation is grave. Hence, to prevent another partition of India, establish Hindu Rashtra.

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – The population of religious fanatics in India in the bordering Districts of Nepal has become more than double. More than 400 madarasas and mosques have been built there in the last two years, claimed a report. It is alleged that a conspiracy to divide India by demographic imbalance has also been hatched.

Looking at the dramatic rise in the religious fanatics population in many parts of Uttarakhand, the security forces, sensing a specific conspiracy behind the increase alerted the officials. They had sent a report providing information on sensitive regions to the Home Ministry earlier this year.

Surprisingly, in the Districts named in the report, the population change was not reported as per the current situation but was as per the 2011 census. (It can’t be imagined how worse the situation would have become in the last 10 years – Editor)

Apart from the border areas of Uttarakhand, several areas in Uttar Pradesh were also warned, as there was a mushrooming of madarasas and mosques in the past 2 years on the Nepal border adjacent to Bahraich, Basti and Gorakhpur Districts.

Uttarakhand DIG Dr Nilesh Anand Bharane said that warnings have been issued in border Districts about this shift in population.

According to a report in the Dainik Jagran, the security agencies, in their report have claimed that a corridor was being set up by fanatics between Bangladesh, Bihar, Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. In the last 10 years, a special community (religious fanatics) population has migrated there in the name of refugees. The report suggested that the corridor could be linked to Pakistan. (Mayank Jain’s short film ‘Bangla Crescent’ in 2005 also referred to the conspiracy through various Government officials. The area has been dubbed the ‘Green Corridor’. The situation can be very grave. Realise that Hindu Unity is the only solution to this. – Editor)

Security agencies claim that Pakistan’s ISI is active in India through Nepal.