Appoint a Hindu Priest at Datta Peeth in Chikmagalur : Karnataka High Court

Editorial comment

The court order to appoint a Hindu priest at the place of Hindu worship shows the plight of Hindus in the country of majority Hindus.

History of Datta Peeth

Datta Peeth is a religious place of Hindus located at an altitude of 4,000 feet. Deity Dattatreya performed penance in the cave on this mountain hence this area is called Datta Peeth (Seats of worship). This place has the Holy Paduka of Deity Datta. After cruel Islamic aggressor Tipu Sultan took over Mysuru he Islamised this Datta Peeth. Tombs were built in this place and converted this Hindu land into a cemetery and named it Bababudan Darga. Religious fanatics are claiming this place. To get this religious land, Hindus are fighting a legal battle.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka High Court orders the appointment of a Hindu priest in Datta Peeth in Chikmagulur district. Earlier in 2018, a maulvi was appointed as a priest due to which there was a big controversy around this.

This result is the blessing given by Deity Dattaguru to the Hindus who believe in Datta Peeth – C T Ravi

BJP MLA C T Ravi lead the Datta Peeth movement. He welcomed Karnataka High Court’s decision and tweeted, the decision taken by the Karnataka High Court is a great victory for Hindus and he welcomes the decision taken by Nagmohan Das. This marks a very important event for the Hindus, we struggle for such things. It is a blessing for everyone who believes in this Datta Peeth. This verdict has restored people’s faith in the judiciary system. Appointing a maulvi to perform the rituals in the temple is wrong. Justice is delivered and the truth is always victorious.

What is a court case?

The then Siddaramaiah government of the Congress has brought Datta Peeth under the control of the Charity Department. This game of the Congress was opposed by the then opposition party BJP. At that time, BJP had questioned saying, this act of Congress is just to please the minorities. Can Siddaramaiah dare to appoint a Hindu priest for a Mosque ? And BJP had announced that they will fight a legal battle for this.