Famous Mahathobhara Mahalingeshwara temple allows vehicle parking only for Hindus on the temple land in Puttur (Karnataka)  

Action will be taken against Non-Hindus parking their vehicles

Progressive opposing the rule

Editorial comment

  • Are Hindus allowed to park their vehicles on the land of Church and Mosque ? Will the progressives respond to it ?

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – The Working Committee of the famous Mahathobhara Mahalingeshwara Temple has issued an order stating that non-Hindus are banned from parking their vehicles in front of the Temple and action will be taken against those parking their vehicles by breaking this rule. This order has been put up in the pavilion of the temple. This temple is in the custody of the Government. Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal had given a representation to the Working Committee asking for allowing the parking of vehicles for Hindus and banning the same for non-Hindus. Hence, this step has been taken by the Committee regarding the parking space belonging to the temple. (Why not the Working Committee realised this by itself ? If this system prevails in other temples in the State then the decision must be taken at this time only. Past experiences tell us that there have been jihadi terrorist attacks through vehicles; therefore temples need to be very alert in this regard. The BJP Government also should tell other temples in the State to pass such a rule. – Editor) Devout Hindus have welcomed this decision, but the progressives have criticised it.

While justifying this the President of the Working Committee, Muliy Keshavprasad said that the Mahalingeshwara temple comes under the State Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department, hence, Hindus are being given preference. Earlier devotees visiting the temple were facing difficulties because the non-Hindus used to park their vehicles in that space. After having received many complaints in that regard, this order has been released.

Earlier VHP and Bajrang Dal had pressurised to ban non-Hindus to put up their shops in the temple premises during ‘Jatra’ (Fair); hence, non-Hindus were not allowed to put up shops at the Jatra. (Will the Committee wake up only when it is awakened by Hindu Organisations ? Therefore, Hindu Temples should be looked after only by Hindus and not by the Government. – Editor)