150 citizens allegedly abducted by Taliban are safe at Kabul airport

Kabul (Afghanistan) – There was a report that 150 citizens were abducted by the Taliban from outside the Kabul airport. However, the local news channels have now made it clear that those 150 citizens are safe. They include Indian Hindus, Afghan Sikhs and some Afghan Muslims. Their passports are being verified. The reports state that they were beaten up. Indian Government has not confirmed the abduction news. Afghan news media has also denied the claim of abduction. Taliban spokesperson Ahmadullah Waseq also rejected the abduction of 150 citizens. He has claimed that Indian citizens have been safely taken to the Kabul airport.

Many Indians are waiting at Kabul airport to return to India. On 21st August, one of the Indian Air force planes had successfully rescued 85 Indians. The report of abduction of Indian citizens went viral before this.