Sanskrut Upanishad shlokas engraved on the library wall of the University of Warsaw in Poland

Editor’s comments

  • It is disgraceful that an overseas University realises the importance of Upanishads, but the so-called secularists and the progressives in India do not
  • How many University-walls in India have shlokas in Upanishad engraved like these ?

New Delhi – A picture of Sanskrut shlokas engraved on the wall of the library of Warsaw University in Poland has gone viral on social media. see. While tweeting it, the Indian Embassy in Poland wrote, ‘How beautiful the scene is. Upanishad is the root of Vedic culture which is the basis of Hindu religion.’

Many have expressed their opinion through social media. One tweeted, When Hindu religion is being accepted all over the world, we are attracted towards the western culture.