We will invite India to help in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for peaceful elections : PML-N leader

  • Opposition criticises Imran Khan Govt
  • Pakistan occupied Kashmir marred by violence during election
  • Indians may wonder, whether elections in India happen without violence !
  • India should go to PoK, not to hold peaceful elections, but also to bring back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – On 25th July Pakistan held elections in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir. The violence that followed lead to the death of 2 activists of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Tehreeq e-Insaf party. Another incident killed two more people. Condemning this violence, the opposition party criticised Imran Khan and said that India was better than them; at least riots do not happen during the elections. The candidate further said that he should seek India’s help for peaceful elections. Election officer Rashid Sulehari opposed the violence. In this election, Imran Khan’s party won the elections with just a few votes.