Devout Hindus arrested for protesting against the illegal construction of a Church in Tamil Nadu

The arrested activists were later released

More than 300 devout Hindus staged roadblocks at 50 places to protest against the illegal construction of Church

  • Why do the Hindus have to protest against the illegal construction of a Church ? Why the Government, Police and the Administration do not realise this on their own ?
  • Even after the Church`s illegal acquisition of land, Hindu-hating media, communists, and members of Congress keep mum.
  • There are no hopes for any action by the ruling party DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam [Dravid Pragati Sangh]) of Tamil Nadu against the illegal construction of the Church. Therefore, the devout Hindus should seeklegal actionin the Court.

Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) – More than 300 devout Hindus staged a roadblock at around 50 places in protest against the illegal construction of a Church near the Mathur bridge in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu. As the protest intensified at District Administrative Office, the Police arrested BJP MLA M R Gandhi, BJP District President Dharmaraj along with many other devout Hindus. Later, they were released after a few hours. RSS, Hindu Munnani, and local villagers also participated in this protest.

The administration came up with a ridiculous idea of hiding the illegal Church with tarpaulin.

This shows the inefficiency of this Administration. Hiding illegal church is nothing but hiding own incapabilities. Strict legal action should be taken against individuals involved in the illegal construction of the Church.

After the release of Hindu leaders and activists, they held a meeting with the Sub-Collector. They reached an interim arrangement, according to which, the building would be covered by a tarpaulin.

Hundreds of illegally built Churches in Kanyakumari District – Allege devout Hindus

Was the administration asleep until the unauthorised Churches were erected in such large numbers ?

One of the Hindu leaders from the protest said that as per the Venugopal Commission report, which was found in 1982 to maintain communal harmony between Hindus and Christians, no Church can be built even on private land, leave alone public land. Still, the Christian missionaries slyly take a building on rent and place a Cross over it illegally. He further added, they build a structure without permission and function without electricity connection for years. Later, they use their influence and regularise the Church. There are hundreds of Churches like this in the District.