Hashtags demanding ban on Hindu-phobic Facebook get trending on Twitter

#BoycottFacebook proved to be 3rd most tweeted hashtag in India immediately followed by #Ban_FB_In_India

Mumbai – Dr. Zakir Naik, who is a source of inspiration for the Jihadi terrorists, has fled India and has been in hiding in Malaysia for quite some time. Dr. Naik runs a Facebook page that constantly mocks Hindu Dharma and denigrates Hindu Deities. Facebook has not dared to block such a page till date. On the contrary, it was quick to ban pages of organisations and individuals who are dedicated to propagate Hindu Dharma and are committed to Hindutva. These include the pages of Hindu Jangagruti Samiti, Sanatan Sanstha, Sanatan Shop, Sudarshan TV, Suresh Chavhanke, BJP MP T. Raja Singh. Facebook has completely disregarded the demands to lift the unjustified ban on these pages. This resulted into creation of a hashtag – #BoycottFacebook by the devout Hindus. More than 43,000 people voiced their opinion with their tweets using this hashtag. At one point in time, it was trending as 3rd most tweeted hashtag across the nation. Along with it, another hashtag – #Ban_FB_In_India started trending. Nearly 42,000 people used this hashtag in their tweets. This trend ranked 4th. There was a similar protest last week as well.