Twitter will continue to be fully committed to India

Twitter softens after the ultimatum issued by the Central Govt

We should realise that media companies like Twitter soften their stance only after they receive a strict warning to fall in fine. The Government should impose even stringent rules on such companies

New Delhi – ‘Twitter is and would continue to be fully committed to India. We are trying our best to adhere to the new set of rules and associated guidelines issued by the Government. We have even submitted a detailed report covering tasks that have been completed so far in this regard. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with the Indian Government’, responded Twitter after the Government gave an ultimatum to the microblogging website.

The Centre had issued new set of rules for the social media firms. As per the rules, which were introduced in February this year, the social media firms were required to appoint a Resident Grievance Redressal Officer, a Chief Compliance Officer and a Nodal Contact Person latest by 26th May.

However, Twitter had strongly objected to these requirements. This had prompted the Centre to issue an ultimatum to Twitter. Twitter has subsequently softened its stance and shown an intent to abide by the rules.