If Baba Ramdev does not apologise, we would file a Rs 1,000 Cr defamation case against him ! – IMA Uttarakhand

A case regarding the criticism of Allopathic Treatment 

  • During an interview, the IMA president Dr. Jayalal had praised Jesus instead of the medical fraternity for the decreasing cases of Covid-19 in the country. Would the IMA dare to file a case against such a Christian fanatic ?
  • Does the IMA agree with the statements made by its President Dr. Jayalal provoking religious sentiments ?
  • In exchange for some payment, ‘Anti-bacterial’ certificate gets issued by the IMA for products such as L.E.D. bulbs and wall paints. Realise that the IMA is conveniently silent on this blatant case of corruption.

New Delhi – Uttarakhand State Branch of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has issued a warning concerning the criticism of Allopathy (Modern Medical Treatment) that if Baba Ramdev does not apologise within next 15 days, a Rs 1,000 Cr defamation case would be filed against him. Yogarushi Ramdev Baba had called the Allopathy as a ‘stupid and wasteful science’.