MiG-21 fighter jet crashes, Pilot dead

  • After how many soldiers’ death will the Government ban these flying coffins ?
  • The Government is responsible for the crashes of hundreds of MiG fighter planes and deaths of so many soldiers ! It is a matter of shame that such a limitless loss takes place even during peace time.

Moga (Punjab)- Pilot Abhinav Chaudhary died due to MiG-21 fighter jet crash at Moga District in Punjab.

As per the primary information, the jet had taken off from Suratgarh in Rajasthan. The plane crashed on 20th May at Langeana village of Punjab’s Moga District. The pilot Abhinav Chaudhary tried to land safely using a parachute but apparently broke his neck and spinal cord. His body was found 2-km away from the crash spot after a search for 4 hours. Due to the cloudy weather the rescue team reached the spot at night. The plane crashed on an agricultural field. The pieces of the fighter plane were spread in the area of around 100 feet.