People sleep under sacred fig tree for ‘oxygen’ due to lack of oxygen cylinders !

Claims of deriving benefits under the sacred fig tree !

Shahjahanpur (UP) – The health system in India is under heavy criticism due to a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus patients in the country. Patients are dying due to lack of oxygen. Several people in Shahjahanpur’s Tilhar area started camping under a ‘peepal’ (sacred fig) tree as they could not obtain an oxygen cylinder. On seeing this, peoplestarted flocking under the tree.

The antigen tests of these people are reported to be negative. However, symptoms of infection are evident in them. Since their reports were negative, hospitals refused to admitthem and sent them home. However, they started experiencing breathing difficulties at home. The search for oxygen cylinders began. But no oxygen cylinders were available. They then rushed to the peepal tree to get oxygen as the peepal tree emits oxygen continuously for 24 hours.

These people reported that although they were having difficulty in breathing at home, they felt comfortable under the peepal tree. On hearing this information, Tilhar MLA Roshanlal also arrived near the peepal tree to see the patients sleeping there. Later, he gave instructions to the administration to ensure that all these people are provided treatment by the doctors.