Shrimadbhagavadgeeta is the essence of life and therefore should be part of school curriculum – Actress Mouni Roy

  • Realise that in such a huge film world, there are only some who demand about the Shrimadbhagawadgeeta in such a manner. Hindus strongly feel that there should not be any need to make such demands; the Central Government ought to take such a decision on its own.
  • Since Dharma is not given significance in a secular country, moral values in society have deteriorated. To reinstate moral values, there is no alternative to imparting education on Dharma and performing spiritual practice.


Mumbai – Emphasising on the importance of Shrimadbhagawadgeeta at a interview to a news channel, actress Mauni Roy said, “During the lockdown period I had become very religious. I participated in the Geeta classes being conducted by my friend. I feel that Shrimadbhagawadgeeta should be included in the school curriculum. This is not merely a religious book, it is the essence of life itself. It contains real knowledge. For every question we can definitely find an answer in the Geeta.

She added further,

“Since I was young, Geeta recitation was a common practice in our house. Although I did try to read the Geeta, I could not comprehend much then. However, now I have realised the importance of Geeta and I am working to spread it all over the world. In the film world, every person should read the Geeta. In this field, a person becomes so busy that he even forgets himself. At such times the Geeta can come to our rescue. We are ignorant people. We are in a country from where the Vedas, Upanishads and various Holy texts emerged and yet we do nothing about it. We are actually sitting on a gold mine and we are doing absolutely nothing about it. Be it a village or city, the Geeta has tremendous relevance for each and everyone”.

Since Dharma is not given significance in a secular country, the moral values in society have deteriorated !