Ruckus in Karnataka Assembly over anti-cow slaughter bill

Congress MLAs manhandled and pushed Deputy Chairman from his seat.

  • Hindus have realised the real face of Congress, which created ruckus and chaos in Assembly while opposing anti-cow slaughter bill; hence, Congress is facing defeat everywhere in the country ! One does not need an astrologer to tell that Congress will end due to its Hindu-hatred!
  • BJP Government should repeal the membership of those Congress MLAs who created ruckus in the Assembly!
  • Such behaviour by so-called progressive and secular representatives in an Assembly is shameful for Indians !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – A brawl took place between the members of ruling party BJP and the Congress in Karnataka’s Council over the anti-cow slaughter bill. Congress MLAs made a run to Chairman’s chair and manhandled Deputy Chairman and forced him out of his seat.

  1. As soon as the House’s proceedings began, Congress MLAs heckled the Deputy Chairman and forcefully pulled him off the seat, citing that it is unconstitutional for Deputy Chairman to chair the Chairman’s seat. The guards intervened eventually.
  2. An argument started between the Dy. CM Ashwath Narayan and Congress MLAs. Congress had issued a whip for all of its representatives in the House. It intended to vote against the anti-cow slaughter bill. JD(S) legislators wanted to direct this bill towards the ‘Selection Committee’ before its passage.
  3. Commenting on the matter, BJP MLA Lehar Singh Siroya said that some MLAs behaved like goons. They forced the Deputy Chairman out of his seat and misbehaved with him. It has been a most shameful day in the history of the assembly. I feel embarrassed thinking about our image in people’s minds, he added.
  4. Meanwhile, Congress MLA Prakash Rathod has condemned BJP. He said that the legislators of BJP and JD(S) seated the Deputy Chairman unconstitutionally. Congress demanded unseating the Deputy Chairman followed by the forceful dislodging.