Don’t fear death, prepare to win wars ! –

Xi Jinping tells Chinese army

  • The fact is, China has failed to win a single war from the past 50 years, while a small nation like Vietnam has also defeated it.
  • China could win the 1962 war with India only due to anti-national policies adopted by Nehru; otherwise, it would have faced defeat then too.

Beijing (China) – Chinese President Xi Jinping urged his troops not to fear death and focus on preparing to win wars while addressing to military commanders, reported Xinhua news agency. He said that training must be foolproof to win a war. Military training is a never-ending process and a prime responsibility of an army. Training is very necessary to be effective in war. China aims to make its People’s Liberation Army a ‘fighting force’ in the world, added Xi. A few months ago, Xi had asked his troops to engage their brain and energy in preparation of war and to remain alert.