Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmad Khan takes the oath in Sanskrut in Bihar Assembly !

  • How many Hindu representatives take oath in Sanskrut ?

  • Shakeel Ahmed should teach a befitting lesson to the Congress who consider Sanskrut to be a dead language !

Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmed Khan takes oath in Sanskrit!

Patna (Bihar) – The newly-elected members of the Bihar Assembly were administered the oath of office recently. On the one hand, MLA Akhtarul Iman of MIM refused to even utter the word Hindustan while he was taking the oath in Urdu,  on the other, Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmed took the oath in Sanskrut instead of Urdu. All members of the Assembly welcomed this move by Shakeel Ahmed.

Sanskrut is the soul of India !

After taking the oath, Shakeel Ahmed Khan said, “Urdu is my mother tongue. I will continue to raise my voice for its spread. However, Sanskrut is the soul of India. It is the language of civilisation and culture. With the passage of time, Sanskrut has ceased to be a language of the common man. I have always had a liking for Sanskrut.  All languages are good. There should not be any discrimination with regard to any language, and no language should be imposed forcibly on anyone. This should be the policy of the Government as well”.

Further, Shakeel Ahmed criticised Akhtarul Iman who had refused to utter the word ‘Hindustan” while taking the oath. Shakeel Ahmed said, “Akhtarul Iman has already been an MLA before, and this is not the first time he is taking the oath. He ought to recollect why he did not object to the word ‘Hindustan’ on earlier occasions”.